Quaternion Capital is a multi-family office based in Hong Kong focusing on quantitatively driven investment strategies. Our research teams develop computer-driven, systematic trading systems researched and managed in a disciplined and rigorous manner.

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Our Technology
Quaternion Capital is committed to using the latest technology and open standards to maximize flexibility and productivity. This includes the Linux operating system, C++, QT and Mercurial for development, industry standard protocols such as FIX, OpenStack cloud computing, and specialized packages such as MATLAB. Technology is a key part of the company's business strategy and its employees are committed to engaging in continuous learning and skill improvement.
Our Name
A Quaternion is a hyper-complex number often used to represent motion in 3D space or alternatively a set of four parts, things, or persons. It is derived from the Latin quaternio.
A square with its four sides can symbolize many things amongst which are mathematical precision, balanced symmetry, integrity and dependability, all important factors that contribute to our goal of successful investing.

Available Positions
1) Quantitative Developer
Quaternion is looking for developers with experience creating and deploying execution algorithms for futures and equities trading. Hands-on experience with order book analysis, spread-trading and liquidity-providing methods is preferred. Technologies used include C++/Eigen Template library/Linux/ZeroMQ/QT Creator.

2) Systematic Trader
Quaternion is looking for systematic traders with technical backgrounds and experience trading equities and futures. Market-neutral strategies with multi-year realtime track records are preferred. A trading pnl participation arrangement is offered for qualified candidates.

At Quaternion we are constantly searching for well qualified and talented individuals. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us sending your CV and a cover letter at info@quaternioncapital.com. Please note that we will only reply if we are interested in meeting you. Also please accept our apologies that we do not reply to all applications.

Quaternion Capital
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